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Manufacturer of stone machinery and diamond tools |

Wanlong is a professional stone cutting machinery manufacturer, mainly producing stone cutting machinery such as bridge cutting machines, CNC bridge saws, marble cutting machines and granite cutting machines.

Wanlong block squaring machine:CZSJ-2000 wire saw block squaring machine, LMX-3850/4850 block squaring machine.

Wanlong block cutting machine: QSQ-2200/2500/3000 blocking cutting machine,QSQ-2500/12P, QSQ-2500-20P, QSQ-2200A/2500A/3000A vertical plus horizontal cutting machine, QSQ-1600A vertical plus horizontal cutting machine, LMQ-2200/2500 Gantry block cutting machine etc.

Wanlong edge cutting machine: PLC-400/600/700 Edge cutting machine, YTQQ-600 Mono block bridge cutting machine, QZQ-900/1200/1600 Bridge cutting machine, SYQ-600 Manual cutting machine etc

Wanlong diverse shapes processing machine: SJ-2000A Numerical control wire saw, PLC-1200/1600 Profiling machine, YFQ-290/700 Bidirectional cuts machine.


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