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Can granite saw blades be used to cut marble

Marble is one of the important stones for interior decoration and has a wide range of uses. Can granite saw blades cut marble? Let’s take a look at it.

Due to the materials and characteristics of granite and marble, it is impossible to cut marble with granite saw blades. The precision and density of marble is higher, and the stone is precious and weak. It is easy to chip and break, so granite has granite saw blades. Marble has marble saw blades, which must be cut separately.

Moreover, the requirements for cutting marble are much more than those for granite saw blades, especially some precious marbles, which are slightly flawed in cutting, which may cause difficulties in post-processing, and reduce the quality of the stone and take away the rich profits that the company should have. It even destroys the stone, leaving the company busy.

In addition, when using marble cutting chips, there are precautions:

1. The standard and correct operation of the cutting machine, the saw blade is at a certain risk during the cutting process, so you need to follow the instructions to operate it correctly.

2. Check the saw blade when using it. Do not use the saw blade with cracks, missing teeth, blunt teeth, or uneven teeth.

3.After the machine is turned on, it can work for 2-3 minutes first. If it works normally, then start to use it, and whether it is a test machine or normal use, the saw blade should not be pointed directly at people when it is working.

The characteristics of marble determine that to produce quality marble stone type products, you must use quality marble saw blades.



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