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Characteristics and common sense of wire saw machine

Wire saw machines provide a lot of convenience for various engineering constructions. Today I will give you a brief introduction to its characteristics, advantages and other aspects:

1. The saw head is relatively heavy. In actual operation, sometimes it is not necessary to install expansion screws. Simply press the bottom corner to secure the saw head, greatly reducing damage to concrete cutting.

2. No need for large amounts of hot water. Anyone who has used a hydraulic wire saw knows that the hydraulic pump station must use hot water to dissipate oil temperature to reduce problems. The fully automatic wire saw machine does not require a large amount of hot water. It only needs to add hot water to the head of the rope and can work for a long time.

3. Low cost. The hydraulic system is eliminated and the cost is greatly reduced.

Taken together, the wire saw machine reduces labor intensity, is safe and reliable in operation, has an overload protection function, is powerful, and improves cutting capacity and labor productivity. It is an advanced equipment used for demolition construction projects.

Because its straight-line cutting can make the construction section more tidy; because it can double the work speed, shorten the construction period, further reduce labor costs, improve bidding advantages, and expand the scale of construction projects that can be undertaken; the system itself is safe, reliable and stable, greatly reducing Loss costs of construction equipment;

In addition, static cutting like wall saw cutting has gradually become a construction and design concept, because it can retain the stability and safety of the existing structure to the greatest extent, and is currently widely used in the renovation construction of reinforcement companies. Leading advanced cutting construction equipment replaces traditional blasting or drilling construction methods.



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