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Matters needing attention when using stone cutting machine

With the continuous progress of the times and the continuous innovation and breakthrough of science and technology, today’s stone industry is developing rapidly, which has driven the rapid development of other related industries, especially the development of stone machinery.

Stone cutting machine, polishing machine, stone carving machine and other products are familiar to everyone in stone machinery. Among them, stone cutting machine is a common stone machine. The following is an introduction to the matters that should be paid attention to when cutting stone cutting machine.

1. After the machine is installed, turn on the external power supply of the console.

2. Check whether the transmission parts of the machine are running flexibly and whether the tightening is loose.

3. Connect tap water or electric pump to prepare for cooling.

4. Turn on the key switch, the stop signal light on the console panel should be on.

5. Connect the start button of the host in turn to see if its rotation direction is consistent with the direction of the index mark. If it is inconsistent, stop immediately and adjust the external phase line. All other parts of the driving direction are adjusted together with the host. The host is correct, and the rest are correct.

6. Press the feed button to feed the motor, control the speed of the instrument according to the soft and hard speed of the sample block, move forward along the worktable, and automatically retract after cutting.

After the cutting inspection, the stone sample can be installed on the stone cutting machine. When clamping, care should be taken to select the ideal clamping point to avoid damage to the blade and the clamping piece due to the movement of the clamping piece during the cutting process.



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