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best diamond saw blades for cutting stone

For stone cutting, choosing the best diamond saw blades can make the cutting process twice the result with half the effort. When buying diamond saw blades, we will choose from many aspects, the most important of which is to choose from the cutting material.

Let us take granite and marble as examples to learn about the best diamond saw blades for cutting stone.

1. Look at the color of the cutter head

When cutting stone, it is the cutter head that plays a direct role. The difference between the marble cutter head and the granite cutter head is that the color of the marble cutter head is generally brass or red. The higher the quality of the raw material, the better the knife. Head, the color of the knife head looks cleaner.

2. Look at the appearance of the cutter head

For high-quality marble cutter heads, because of the cutting requirements, not only the appearance should be neat, the thickness should be consistent, the edges and corners should be sharp, and the size error should be less than or equal to 0.1mm.

And it gives people a sense of fineness, which is specifically expressed in that after the blade is opened, the wisdom tail of the diamond particles on it is smaller and shorter than that of the granite blade.

3. Look at the welding of the cutter head

The quality of welding is not only related to whether the cutter head will drop, but also related to the stability of the cutting and the cutting quality of the finished product.

High-quality marble cutter head, and the welding seam of the base body must be complete, smooth and clean.

4. Look at the thickness of the cutter head and the substrate

A high-quality marble cutter head will control the thickness of the cutter head within a certain range.For example, a 350mm marble cutter head will be 0.5mm thicker than the base body. The smaller the error, the better the quality.

5. Look at the hardness of the substrate

The matrix of the marble saw blade is thinner than granite. When cutting, the high-quality marble matrix will give people a strong feeling.

6. Whether the hardness of the substrate meets the standard directly affects the use

The substrate must have the characteristics of not deforming under warm welding and not deforming under force majeure conditions, and it is a good saw blade.

Marble cutting blade, the cutter head is sharper, the cutting speed is fast, the burst edge is small, and the life is long, and it can cut marble very well.

Before using the blade, pay attention to checking whether the blade is damaged or missing teeth.If there is any, do not use it.



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