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Causes and solutions of diamond saw blade segments

Diamond saw blades are widely used in the cutting and processing of various types of stone, and they are an indispensable tool in the stone industry.

However, in the process of cutting the stone with the diamond saw blade, due to various factors, it will cause the problem of its blade to fall.

So causes and solutions of diamond saw blade segments? Let’s introduce it in detail below.

1: Insufficient welding causes the segment to fall

At present, most manufacturers of diamond saw blade processing will use high-frequency welding, but some manufacturers will use high temperature to heat the segment and the substrate, and then fix the segment on the substrate in this way, but this method is not The segment cannot be fixed very firmly, so it will cause the segment to fall off.

During the welding process, the segment will also be incorrect and the height will be uneven, which will cause the segment to fall.

2: Use poor silver solder

During the welding process of the segment and the base body, it is necessary to add a silver solder sheet in the middle.

Generally, if it is a problem with silver solder, the segment will fall in batches.

3: Too fast knife speed

If the cutting speed of the machine is too fast, the sharpness of the blade will be very high.If the sharpness of the blade is not reached, it is very easy to cause the blade on the saw blade to fall.

4: Too fast speed or feed speed

When the saw blade is cutting hard stone mechanically, when the knife is just cut, if the speed is too fast, it will produce a very strong impact.If the speed or feed speed is particularly large, it is very easy to cause the blade to fall off.

5: Cutting material does not meet

The saw blade for cutting marble should not cut granite as much as possible, and the saw blade for cutting soft stone should not cut hard stone. If it is used indiscriminately, the blade will fall.

6: Insufficient water intake or lack of cooling water

The important reason why the segment falls is that the temperature of the segment is too high during the cutting process, which reduces the stability of the segment structure.

7: Quality problem of segment

For example, the sintering temperature of the segment is not enough or too high, the heat preservation time is not enough, there is a problem with the segment formula, the segment binder is too soft, and the mixing process is unevenly stirred.

8: The blade is not sharp enough

This problem is very common, especially for new formulas. It is normal that the sharpness is not enough. Generally, in this case, reduce the speed or the speed of the knife.

9: Different sizes of segments

In the production process of the segment, many manufacturers have used the mold multiple times to cause deformation during the production of the segment. Such different sizes will make the protruding part of the segment very vulnerable to impact. Under the strong impact force, naturally It also caused the blade to fall.

10: other factors

For example, if the blade is left for too long, it will cause the blade to oxidize. For example, the arc of the blade is insufficient, resulting in all the impact force acting on the joint of the blade. For example, the diamond circular saw blade substrate is too hard and insufficient toughness, which can also cause the blade to fall.

Causes and solutions of diamond saw blade segments?There are many factors that cause the diamond saw blade to fall off the cutter head, so how to solve it? The details are as follows:

1: During the welding process, it must be carried out in accordance with the normal welding process, and the welding strength should be ensured as much as possible, and the saw blade head should be completely symmetrical.

2: In terms of segments, choose a regular diamond segment manufacturer, and try to let the manufacturer give different segment specifications for cutting different stones. If you cut a variety of stones, try to choose a segment product with strong versatility.

3: During the cutting process, adjust the mechanical cutting data. For the new segment formula, it must be slow first and then fast, while observing and adjusting to prevent the segment from falling off.



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