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Common sense of granite saw blade cutting

The essence of the granite saw blade is that the matrix fixes the diamond mosaic through a suitable matrix material. It is a composite sintered body composed of diamond particles and matrix material welded on the steel matrix, often called a segment.

The granite saw blade is made of ultra-high hardness and heat-resistant alloy series as the matrix. The streamlined corrugated tooth design makes chip removal more convenient, ensures the ultra-high sharpness of the product, fast cutting speed, small edge burst, and the cut plate is smoother. High working efficiency and longer service life.

Common sense of granite saw blade cutting

Blocks should not be smaller than 0.5m³ and should be placed in a safe place. The bottom surface should be padded with square wood, and the stopper should be firm. The pulleys should be located at symmetrical positions on the console to ensure the stability of the trolley and the pulleys without shaking or vibrating.

After the granite saw blade is installed, especially when the new substrate is used for the first time, it needs to be idled for about 30 minutes, and it needs to be idled with water in the summer high temperature season. The purpose is to further eliminate the impact on the matrix during segment welding, and enhance the memory of the internal quality of the saw blade in the state of high-speed rotation.

The rotation direction of the granite saw blade is the same as the stone feeding direction, which is forward cutting, otherwise it is reverse cutting, and when reverse cutting, due to the upward vertical component force, the stone tends to be lifted.

The feed rate mainly depends on the properties of the processed material. For each material, when the depth of cut is constant, there is a certain range of feed speed. If the speed is too high, the diamond will accelerate wear and even fall off, causing the granite saw blade to wear too quickly.

If the block is found to be shaking during cutting, the cutting should be stopped immediately, and the operation can only be continued after the block is firmly fixed. During the cutting process, it is strictly forbidden to move the blocks at will.

If it is found that the granite saw blade slows down significantly or even clamps the knife, it may be caused by factors such as belt beating, compression nut looseness, too deep cutting knife, too fast cutting speed, etc., and it should be adjusted in time. The linear speed should be compatible with the hardness and wear resistance of the processed stone. It is recommended to choose the following line speeds to cut different types of stone.



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