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What are the options for diamond grinding wheel

With the rapid development of industry, in order to meet the needs of industrial processing, the types of diamond grinding wheels are increasing. When we choose the type of diamond grinding wheel, we choose according to the properties of bond strength, toughness, abrasive tool hardness, abrasive tool structure and so on.

Strength includes two aspects, one is the strength of the binder itself, and the other is the bonding strength between the binder and the diamond. The strength is related to the performance and density of the binder, and also related to the sintering process.

Proper toughness is more important. High-strength bronze has high toughness. When the toughness is high, the adhesive cannot be worn out in time, and it will adhere to the working surface, causing self-blocking and poor self-sharpening, reducing work efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the toughness as much as possible and improve the brittleness without reducing the strength of the abrasive too much.

The hardness of the diamond grinding wheel mainly refers to the hardness of the bond. During the working process of the diamond grinding wheel, as the diamond continues to fall off, the diamond grinding wheel begins to wear, so the hardness can also be understood as the ability of the bond to fix the diamond.



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