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How to ensure the service life of diamond cutting disc

Everyone hopes that the diamond cutting disc can keep the cutting time for a long time, the blade is sharp, and everything is unimpeded, so how can the diamond cutting wheel cut for a longer time?

During the sawing process of the diamond cutting disc, the saw blade runs at high speed, and the saw blade substrate and the chip flow produce friction and wear. Due to the inconsistent radial wear and transverse wear of the segment, when the working layer of the segment will be consumed, the friction between the base of the diamond saw blade and the chips will increase, causing the saw to be pinched, causing wear, deforming the saw blade base and reducing base repetition the number of times used.

1. When repairing asphalt and concrete pavement, it is sometimes necessary to cut a deep and wide notch. The diamond saw blades used can be sintered with refined iron base and diamond segments, then inlaid and welded to the base of the saw blade. It is more flexible when cutting zigzag or uneven width slots, which can greatly reduce the heat generated by the friction between the segments and the substrate during sawing and the heat conducted to the substrate, avoiding thermal deformation and premature failure of the substrate.

2. Use the electric welding method to weld the hard particles on the diamond saw blade substrate in a manner of uniform distribution in the circumferential direction and staggered distribution in the radial direction. This method can reduce the wear of the cuttings flow on the side of the substrate, but it will increase the substrate and the manufacturing cost of the substrate. Deformation correction is difficult.

3. Use the low-temperature spray method to spray a layer of spray layer with WC-Co as the main component on the side of the diamond cutting disc. This method not only prevents side wear, but also improves the rigidity of the saw blade.



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