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Details and procedures cannot be ignored when operating a wire saw

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more stone machinery companies have increased investment in research and development, greatly improving the cutting efficiency of wire saws, and making cutting more environmentally friendly to meet the needs of the market.

In the process of wire saw operation, it is necessary to pay attention to various details and operating procedures. The following Wanlong wire saw will introduce the procedures and details.

1. Strictly abide by this safety regulation, the operator must be trained before operating the equipment.

2. Before use, check and confirm that the power cable and control cable are normal, the protective grounding is good, and the protective device is safe and effective.

3. The operating table of the wire saw machine should be placed more than 5m from the side of the wire saw machine, and the operator should not directly face the cutting direction of the wire saw to operate.

4. After confirming that the safety protection device is installed or taking protective measures, the surrounding people can only start the wire saw after standing in a safe position.

5. When performing vertical cutting, it is forbidden to stand in the same direction as the beaded rope cutting line, nor to overlook the cutting track. When moving the cooling water pipe, it should be operated from the side of the slit to prevent personal injury when the beaded rope breaks.

6. In order to ensure safety, no matter manual or automatic cutting, operators are not allowed to leave the equipment. When cutting is about to be completed, it should be turned to manual control and gradually reduce the walking speed.

7. In order to avoid damage to personnel and equipment caused by lightning strikes, effective lightning protection measures should be taken when working in high mountains and thunderous areas, and lightning rods should be set around the equipment.

8. After each work, the power supply of the control box should be disconnected in time, and the mud on the surface of the equipment should be washed in time.

9. Regularly add grease to the parts that need to be lubricated according to the requirements. If the equipment is out of use for a long time, it should be properly stored to prevent rain, moisture and sufficient lubrication, so as to prevent the equipment from being idle for a long time and cause operation failure.



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