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Factors Affecting Wear of Diamond Beaded Wire Saw

Diamond beaded wire saw is a high-efficiency stone equipment, which is widely used in the industry and is favored by customers.

The wear of diamond beaded wire saw is common in the production of stone machinery, so what are the specific reasons for the wear?

Wanlong diamond beaded wire saw will introduce to you: what are the causes of wear and tear

1. When the feed speed of the bead saw increases, the wear of the beaded rope increases. Since the price of the beaded rope is more expensive, the production cost will increase. Therefore, the feed speed cannot be blindly increased in order to pursue production. According to the comprehensive analysis of market supply and demand, price of beaded rope, stone price, labor cost, etc., choose the best feed rate with comprehensive economic indicators.

Because the surface of the block is often uneven. At the beginning of sawing, in order to prevent the beaded rope from being broken or even broken due to the impact of stress, the feed rate should be 20%-30% lower than the normal sawing feed rate until the beaded rope is completely fed. Increase the feed rate after the people are blocked.

2. The sawing speed of beaded rope is closely related to factors such as stone variety, beaded type and stone length. For the same processing equipment, when the beaded rope or stone variety changes, the sawing speed should be changed accordingly to obtain the maximum wear resistance rate .After replacing the new beaded rope, it is best to saw soft stone first. And reduce the sawing speed and feed speed to facilitate the diamond edge.



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