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Stone maintenance tips

Stone maintenance is mainly to restore the original luster of the stone through stone care methods after stone disease problems caused by environmental, human, stone itself and other factors, that is, stone renovation. Usually, when stone encounters water seepage, pollution, weathering, etc. on exterior walls, it will cause gloss wear. At this time, professional stone maintenance is required. Next, let’s interpret some stone care tips and manage them from the following aspects:

1. Water seepage and contamination of stone exterior walls: Just wipe it with a wet rag immediately without using detergent.

2. Avoid water spots: Use multi-functional protective agent or special stone care agent to waterproof the stone before construction.

3. White flower treatment: Protective treatment on the surface of the stone to enhance the waterproofing function of the joints.

4. Treatment of rust spots: It is best to maintain the stone before installing it to prevent rust ions from penetrating with water. There are no rust spots at all inside the stone.

5. Treatment of stains: Choosing a suitable special stone cleaner can effectively remove stains.

6. Treatment of wax scale: Using decontamination and wax remover can effectively remove wax scale on the surface and pores of the stone without damaging the luster of the stone.

7. Wear treatment: Use stone polishing agent for surface treatment, or renovate and polish the stone regularly.

Stone is a fashionable and gorgeous decorative material, and the maintenance method of stone is also quite special. Cleaning alone requires the use of a special stone cleaner. Not only will ordinary cleaners not be effective, they will also leave some fluoride in the stone.



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