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Things to note when starting a stone grinding and polishing machine

The stone grinding and polishing machine is an edge grinding machine that performs linear processing and polishing of various granite, marble, and quartz stones. The rough grinding, fine grinding, and polishing of stone lines are completed at one time, which greatly improves production efficiency and line quality, and saves costs.

1. To operate the stone grinding and polishing machine correctly, you must first check whether the equipment is in normal condition before starting work.

The fastening nut of the grinding wheel must not be loose; the grinding wheel must not have cracks or gaps; the safety cover is fully assembled and reliable; the front and rear, up and down transmission handles are flexible and noiseless during operation.

Stone grinding and polishing machine operators must wear gloves and masks or dust-proof equipment. Doors and windows in the work area should be closed to prevent silica dust from escaping. Ventilation and dust removal devices must be intact and effective.

2. Secondly, when polishing stone, the adjustment size of the grinding wheel must be strictly controlled. The grinding amount at one time should not be too large to avoid wear of the stone and breakage of the grinding wheel;

If a malfunction occurs or the stones are stuck when grinding the plate, the main switch should be turned off immediately and the stones should be removed after stopping the machine;

Always check whether the motor is overheated or running abnormally during work;

When stacking stones (especially cold-rolled plates and oil plates), they must be kept neat and orderly. They must not be tilted, have a height exceeding 1.2 meters, or collide with each other to avoid slipping and injuring people. When feeding and transferring stones, they must be held tightly and kept straight, and no littering is allowed. hurt.

During the operation of the stone grinding and polishing machine, if the ventilation and dust removal device fails, the work should be stopped immediately or measures should be taken. After the work is completed, turn off the switch and start cleaning.



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