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Handling Common Faults of Stone Line Machines

Handling Common Faults of Stone Line Machines:

1. Conveyor Belt Deviation:
– Check for foreign objects underneath the conveyor belt or adjust the screws on both sides of the idler wheel.

2. Polishing Wheel Grinds the Guide Because the Line is Too Thin:
– Use a sand brick or a diamond saw blade to trim the excess part.

3. Spindle Rotates But Real-Time Speed Is Not Displayed or Fluctuates Too Much (More Than 5 RPM):
– Check if the encoder belt at the back of the machine is broken or if the nylon synchronous wheel is worn out.

4. Guide Deformation Causing Line Deviation:
– Use a long straight edge or a thin fishing line to straighten it, then adjust the stainless steel strip at the front end.

5. Alarms:
– (1) Emergency Stop Alarm:** Reset the emergency stop button.
– (2) Overload Alarm:** Reset the blue button on the corresponding overload protector in the electric cabinet.
– (3) Limit Alarm:** If raised too high or lowered too low, it triggers the travel protection switch. Move in the opposite direction to lower or raise, or adjust the travel switch.
– (4) Phase Loss Alarm:** Check the main power supply or the phase loss protection switch.

6. Some Parts of the Polished Line Are Not Reached:
– Check if the guide is bent, if the pressure wheel is properly pressed, or if the polishing wheel is not properly trimmed.



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