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diamond segments for granite cutting

Since there are many types of natural stone,diamond segments are produced according to different stones with different hardness, abrasiveness, toughness, crack resistance, etc.

In view of the differences of these factors, it is necessary to configure different diamond segments for different materials, so that the cutter head has better cutting performance and service life, and avoid the situation that the marble cutting segment cannot cut granite and lose teeth. At the same time, avoid granite knives. The head is cutting marble, the head is consumed too fast, the head becomes blunt, etc.

So how to choose the diamond segments for granite cutting?

1. In terms of shape

Granite cutting segments will be designed into various shapes in terms of cutting blades to facilitate cutting. For example, they can be made into M-shaped, V-shaped, K-shaped, W-shaped, corrugated, fan-shaped, etc., because the cutting area is reduced. , So the cutter head will be very sharp at the beginning, and it can be steadily carried out in the early stage of cutting the stone; therefore, granite cutting is based on the characteristics of different stones, adjusting the shape of the sharper cutter head in order to achieve a sharper and faster cutting effect.

2. Structure

At present, the efficiency of multi-compartment cutter heads for granite cutting segments is much higher than that of non-compartmental cutter heads, especially the 7-layer and 9-layer large cutter heads. Improved processing efficiency.

3. In terms of carcass raw materials

The granite cutter head faces a very hard stone, so it has extremely high requirements for hardness and toughness. At present, silicon carbide is the best choice, but this material is expensive, and people choose iron. The base is used for granite cutting segments. The use of this material greatly reduces the price of the cutter head. Therefore, most of the granite cutting segments use iron powder, which causes the color of the granite cutter head to be grayish black or grayish white.



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