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Factors Affecting the Normal Use of Grinding Wheels

In order to make the grinding wheels exert the best grinding performance, what should be paid attention to during use?

Wheel speed

The designation of the grinding wheel specifies the maximum working line speed. Before use, it must be confirmed whether the spindle speed of the machine tool is within the range of the grinding wheel linear speed. Sometimes it is not enough to check the motor speed of the machine tool, but also to calculate the speed ratio of the pulley.

Some machine tools have step-by-step speed regulation, and the operator should be careful not to adjust the speed to a gear higher than the linear speed of the grinding wheel by mistake.

Standardization of operation

Operators sometimes do not operate in accordance with process requirements. For example, it is stipulated that the amount of each feed is 2 lines, but some operators make the amount of each feed reach 5 lines in order to catch up with the output. In this way, the grinding wheel is difficult to work normally, and the workpiece is easy to cause burns. Some burnt surfaces do not appear blue burn marks, but in fact the hardness of the workpiece has been reduced, which has a great impact on the quality of the workpiece.

Diamond dresser

The normal between the diamond and the grinding wheel should have an included angle of 15°. The diamond pen can be rotated on multiple sides to keep it sharp for a long time. If you do not check and replace the diamond pen after it becomes blunt, but continue to dress the grinding wheel, it is conceivable that the grinding quality will not be good.

Grinder maintenance work

According to safety maintenance requirements, machine tools need regular maintenance. If regular maintenance is neglected in order to save money, the poor condition of the machine tool, such as reduced spindle accuracy or excessive bearing wear, can have a very negative effect on grinding.

The workpiece is unstable

The main performance is that the size allowance is unstable and the heat treatment hardness fluctuates greatly.

Is the cooling system reliable?

Sometimes users report that there are scratches on the surface of the workpiece. In addition to impurities of abrasive particle size, the filtration of the cooling system is the key. Poor filtration can recirculate metal swarf into the grinding area, causing scratches on the surface of the workpiece. In addition, whether the coolant flow rate is sufficient is also a factor that directly affects the grinding effect.

In addition, regarding the storage, handling and installation of grinding wheels, you should also pay attention to:

The storage of the grinding wheel should pay attention to ventilation and moisture-proof, especially the resin grinding wheel and rubber grinding wheel, and the aging problem should also be paid attention to. In general, the storage period of resin grinding wheels and rubber grinding wheels should not exceed 2 years.

In the process of handling, we sometimes see workers roll the large grinding wheel on the ground, so that they will hit other objects accidentally, resulting in missing corners of the grinding wheel. It is extremely dangerous for the grinding wheel to run at high speed. Therefore, we must try to avoid irregular processing.

Care should also be taken during installation. When tightening the flange, the order of tightening the nuts should be diagonal, from loose to tight.



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