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Specifications for the use of marble wire saw equipment

A wire saw is a machine for processing stone products. Marble wire saw equipment has the following advantages. The use of wire saws in processing stone products can reduce labor intensity, ensure the safety of workers, improve work efficiency and quality, increase the success rate of stone products, reduce the waste of stone resources, etc., and greatly reduce the loss cost of construction equipment.

In addition, static cutting like wall saw cutting has gradually become a construction and design concept, because it can preserve the stability and safety of the existing structure to a certain extent. Wire saws are mainly used for bridges, bridge decks, piers, walls of construction sites, beams, tunnels and underwater reinforced concrete.

Although the wire saw has so many advantages, it must be used in a reasonable and standardized way to achieve the purpose of production. So how do we use marble wire saw equipment?

1. Operators must first receive operational training and understand the operating specifications before operating the equipment.

2. Check the machine before use to confirm whether the power system, power supply facilities and other parts of the machine can work normally, the protective grounding is good, and the protective device is safe and effective. After everything is normal, the wire saw can only be started after the surrounding personnel stand in a safe position.

3. The operating table of the wire saw machine should be placed more than 5m above the side of the wire saw machine, and the operator must not directly face the cutting direction of the wire saw for operation.

4. When cutting vertically, it is forbidden to stand in the same direction as the beaded rope cutting line to watch, let alone look down on the cutting track. When moving the cooling water pipe, it should be operated from the side of the slit to prevent personal injury when the beaded rope breaks.

5. In order to ensure safety, no matter manual or automatic cutting, the operator is not allowed to leave the equipment. When the cutting is about to be completed, it should be switched to manual control, and the walking speed should be gradually reduced.

6. In order to prevent the marble wire saw equipment from being damaged by lightning when it is higher than the operation, effective lightning protection measures should be taken in the working area, and lightning rods should be installed around the equipment.



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