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What is the linear speed of the grinding wheel

One of the factors you should pay attention to when choosing a grinding wheel is the line speed. The maximum operating line speed is stated on the label of the grinding wheel. Before use, it must be confirmed whether the spindle speed of the machine tool is within the range of the line speed.

Linear speed generally refers to the safe speed limit range of the grinding wheel, which clearly stipulates that the speed during use must not exceed this speed, otherwise it may cause the grinding wheel to burst.

As we all know, each industry will have some industry default standards for certain performances of their products, and there are actually industry standards for the selection of grinding wheel linear speed, for example: for the selection of ordinary abrasive linear speed, the industry standard is 40m/s-80m/ s, in general, grinding with a speed higher than 45m/s is called high-speed grinding. This range is the conclusion drawn by people in the industry after long-term accumulated experience, and it is most suitable for processing and grinding with ordinary abrasives.

For superhard materials, the industry standard for line speed selection is 35m/s. Also, the choice of line speed is the same as that of ordinary abrasives. This parameter is also obtained empirically and is most suitable for basic applications. It is also the most recommended.

Of course, if you want a higher linear speed to make the grinding more efficient, we can also do it, which is not difficult, but this approach is likely to bring unsafe factors to the grinding wheel, after all, the most suitable is the most suitable. The safest and most effective, so consider carefully.

Although the selection of the line speed is only a part of the consideration of the grinding wheel, once the selection is deviated, the line speed is too high during work, which is very likely to cause grinding. The wheel bursts suddenly, which seriously threatens the personal safety of the staff; and if the speed is too low, the grinding wheel cannot exert its original efficiency, which itself is considered a waste. So don’t underestimate the importance of line-of-sight speed.



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