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Factors that cause bending of the cut during the use of a Circular saw stone machine

In the process of stone processing enterprises using circular stone sawing machines, the bending of sawing plates has always been the most troublesome and difficult problem for enterprises. By summarizing the experience of customers in the process of using and analyzing the characteristics of the machine itself, it is concluded that The failures of the Circular saw stone machine during use are mainly the following four aspects.

1. Bending problem of stone plate

Before analyzing the cause of the failure, let’s Circularuss what is the bending of stone slabs. There is no unified standard and definition on this issue. But the generally accepted statement in the stone processing industry is:

In general, if the flatness of more than one-fifth of the cut boards exceeds the standard value, this phenomenon is collectively referred to as the stone sawing bending phenomenon (or failure). Stone sawing bending Manifestation form: The initial manifestation of sawing bending of stone is that there are serious sawing marks on the surface of the sawn board, distributed on the upper or lower side of the board, and on the right or left side, and the serious ones develop into stone boards. Various bends:

The first manifestation of sawing bending of stone is that the planarity of the board is out of tolerance in the length directi

on of sawing, which is called left and right bending. The second manifestation is that of flatness in the direction of sawing depth, which is called Bending up and down. The phenomenon of stone sawing and bending often manifests as the above two phenomena, but some stone factories also have a mixed bending phenomenon in which the flatness in the length direction and depth direction is out of tolerance (that is, up and down bending and left and right bending occur at the same time).

2. Influencing factors of saw blades

In order to solve the bending problem of stone slabs, first analyze the factors of the saw blade: the circular saw blade for the Circular saw stone machine is welded by the base body and the diamond segment, the quality of the saw blade depends on the quality of the base body, and the size of the segment Quality and welding quality of substrate and segment.

(1) Saw blade substrate: Under normal circumstances, the tension value, flatness and end runout of the new tin sheet substrate are controlled before the substrate factory leaves the factory. However, some substrates often appear when they are used in stone factories. deviation, resulting in a decline in the qualified rate of stone cutting. The main manifestations are: the customary processing technology of the stone processing plant does not match the tension value of the matrix, and it is easy to cause up and down bending when the positive value of the tension value is too large. , and the phenomenon of left and right bending occurs. Some substrates have reached the limit of their service life after repeated rewelding. Excellent quality matrix produced by regular enterprises. At the same time, pay attention to the service life of the re-welded saw blade, and replace the new saw blade matrix in time to reduce unnecessary losses.

(2) Segment: The cutting and bending of the plate is mainly due to the fact that the segment is not sharp, and the knife is forced to overload or move the knife, resulting in excessive cutting current and bending of the plate. Therefore, the stone processing plant should take measures for the new section before cutting. Positive sharpening measures, if conditions permit, mechanical sharpening can be used to reduce the out-of-tolerance of radial jump and end jump. However, in our country, most stone processing plants have poor conditions and cannot use mechanical sharpening, but use random sharpening In the process of random sharpening, the segment should be cut first with refractory bricks and other materials, and then the refractory brick and stone should be cut on the same machine. One-third to one-fourth formulate a strict cutting and sharpening process and strictly implement it to reduce the radial runout error of the segment by fully “sharpening”. Otherwise, during the overload cutting and cutting process, If the base of the saw blade cannot bear the huge load, the flatness, tension value, and runout of the end face will deteriorate, which will lead to the bending of the cutting in the later stage, and the base cannot be solved. (Some manufacturers send the base to the base manufacturer for repair, Can be reused, but at a higher cost.)

(3) Welding of substrate and segment: Regular segment welding (re-welding) manufacturers generally use high-precision automatic welding machines, equipped with high-precision profiling, strict and detailed welding processes and quality inspection standards, which can effectively control The influence of heating during welding on the flatness of the saw blade matrix, the amount of runout of the end face, the amount of radial runout and the tension value can effectively avoid or reduce the chance of the saw blade bending during the cutting process. At the same time, the mix ratio of the segment and the base (The ratio of segment thickness to substrate thickness) is also an important factor that cannot be ignored. If it is too small, it is easy to cause plate bending when the cutting depth exceeds 1/2 of the radius (generally manufacturers believe that the cutting effect is better when this value is 1.25-1.35) ). Therefore, when stone processing enterprises carry out section welding (re-welding), they should choose a regular section welding factory with better conditions to ensure the high quality of the finished saw blade and efficient cutting, and reduce losses and waste.

3. Influencing factors of Circular saw stone machine

Then analyze the factors of the equipment (saw machine) used, the factors that affect the bending of the saw machine are mainly related to the operation quality of the whole machine of the saw machine, the installation and maintenance of the saw machine during use, and the cooling and lubrication of the cutting process. .

(l) The operation quality of the saw machine: According to the experience of tracking the user’s on-site service and dealing with problems for many years, the horizontal (horizontal) running guide rail of the saw machine will be worn after a period of use, and the accuracy will decrease, failing to meet the specified quality control According to the standard, when crawling occurs, it is easy to cause the left and right bending of the plate; after the longitudinal (vertical) lifting guide rail of the saw machine is partially worn, when the accuracy is reduced and cannot meet the specified quality control standards, it is easy to cause the plate to bend up and down. At the same time, according to the setting of the machine guide rail When the strip gap is adjusted improperly or foreign matter enters the guide rail, it is also easy to cause bending. In addition, the poor operation system of the main shaft of the saw machine is also an important factor causing the bending of the plate. Therefore, the accuracy of the main drive shaft of the saw machine and the clearance of the main shaft bearing Reasonable adjustment is also very important, otherwise, irregular plate bending will occur.

(2) Reasons for installation and maintenance of the saw machine during use: During the use of the saw machine, in addition to normal maintenance and timely removal of foreign objects on the guide rail, when replacing the saw blade, the accuracy requirements of the saw blade flange are particularly important. Before replacement, it is necessary to strictly check the flatness of the flange, the runout of the end face and remove burrs and foreign objects. If the out-of-tolerance fails to meet the quality control requirements, it must be repaired or replaced. At the same time, the mine car runs smoothly and the stone It is also very important to place it firmly on the mine car, check it frequently during the production process, and ensure the straightness and no foreign matter of the trolley running guide rail.

(3) Cooling and lubrication during the cutting process of the saw machine: During the use of the saw machine, in order to ensure the normal cutting of the saw blade and prolong its service life, and improve the high-quality rate of the cut plate, a special stone cutting coolant is generally prepared. And keep the quality of the cooling lubricating fluid stable during the production process, the flow rate is sufficient and evenly sprayed on the saw blade base, some users do not use the prepared cooling liquid, but use natural water for cutting cooling, which significantly reduces the number of re-welding of the saw blade base And the service life. The rate of high-quality products of the saw blade plate is reduced, which leads to the increase of the cost of the plate, which is worth considering. Therefore, good cooling and lubrication can fully and effectively improve the service life of the saw blade, reduce cutting costs, and prevent the occurrence of plate bending.

4. Influencing factors of sawing process

Finally, the impact of the sawing process of the stone processing plant on the bending phenomenon of the plate is analyzed. Most of the small stone processing plants have no clear sawing process at all, and the regular stone processing plants only formulate simple rules based on the hardness of the stone. The sawing process is not strict, but it is not strict in execution. Therefore, we believe that when the stone processing plant formulates the sawing process, it should fully examine the accuracy of the selected sawing machine, the quality of the segment, the accuracy of the substrate, and the degree of re-welding. Consider comprehensively the difficulty of cutting, formulate a reasonable sawing process and strictly implement it. Make up for the lack of sawing machines and saw blades through reasonable adjustment of the process. The experience of some stone factories is worth learning; When bending up and down, reduce the amount of cutting and increase the speed of horizontal cutting; when bending left and right, increase the amount of cutting and reduce the speed of horizontal cutting. The effect is obvious. Therefore, in daily production management, we must strictly implement the mature Cutting process. When the bending phenomenon occurs, the cutting process and implementation should be firstly investigated and analyzed in depth and meticulously, and rectification suggestions and preventive measures can be put forward, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Circular saw stone machine sawing is a stone cutting process with high efficiency, good quality and low cost. It has been popularized in the stone processing industry, but there are still many new technical problems waiting for us to explore and solve. This article only It provides a simple way of thinking about the cause and solution of the bending phenomenon, which may not be correct.



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