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Methods of improving energy saving and environmental protection of quarrying machinery

In order to make quarrying machinery more efficient and energy-efficient, it is necessary to:

1. Increasing the speed of the saw blade is the rule to improve work efficiency. The faster the speed, the higher the efficiency.

2. Pay attention to lubrication. Only when the lubrication effect is good can the wear of the machine be reduced, the wear of the stone on the machine can be reduced, and the service life of the machine can be extended.

3. The current is stable. Only by using the current specified by the machine can the maximum working efficiency be achieved. But what needs to be noted here is that the high current must be within the rated power of the quarrying machinery and cannot exceed the large load. If the current is too high, the quarry machinery will be burned and the loss will be great.

4. It should be noted here that the matching of saw blades is also very important. Different stones have different hardness and coefficient of friction. Pay attention to the hardness of the saw blade when mining. Only in this way can the goal of high efficiency and energy saving be achieved



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