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How to choose a good quality stone machinery?

The emergence of stone machinery has saved a lot of labor costs for stone enterprises, so how to choose energy-saving, high-efficiency, and high-quality stone machinery?

Stone machinery with good quality and high efficiency has the following conditions:

1. Choice of fuselage material

A. It is best to choose aluminum alloy or stainless steel for the shell part, mainly because it is not easy to corrode and rust; iron is easy to corrode and rust, which may cause secondary pollution of stone and produce rust spots;

B. For the comparison of power cords, choose a cord that is not easy to break (breakage will cause electric shock!), such as high-quality PU leather cord or rubber leather cord, which can withstand the cold of minus 40 degrees Celsius and will not break; the other is to use low-cost PVC. Under severe cold weather conditions, the leather thread will cause broken ends, cannot be straightened, twisted into a ball, and it is difficult to straighten.

2. Running stability

When the operator operates the equipment, the product has good stability and does not jump, the resistance is small, the operation is easy, and the work fatigue is reduced.

3. Motor performance

What is a good motor? There is no difference in the appearance and size of the stone cutting machine motor. Most people tend to think that the appearance of a motor is a good motor. This is a wrong understanding. The motor is mainly composed of copper wire and silicon steel sheet, and of course there are other accessories; without good craftsmanship, good materials cannot make good products.

Judgment 1 method:

(1). Noise (no abnormal sound, no noise), stable noise;

(2). Small vibration;

(3). Low temperature rise (degrees), ≤50 degrees Celsius;

(4). Large torque.

Judgment 2 method: Use professional equipment to detect.

Then, a motor with a small size can meet these conditions, and it can be regarded as a good motor!

4. The performance of the gearbox

Noise (no abnormal sound, no noise), stable noise; but low noise is not necessarily good, and loud noise is definitely not a good product. At this time, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with reliable technology.

5. Overall Product Performance and Efficiency

There are two combinations of motor and gearbox:

(1) The motor shaft is directly hard-connected to the gearbox. The advantage is that there is no disconnected drive; the disadvantage is that once it is damaged, the maintenance cost is too high or it cannot be repaired, and it becomes a waste product.

(2) The motor is installed separately from the gearbox and is mainly driven by the connector. The advantage is that it is easy to replace and the maintenance cost is low; the disadvantage is that some products use unreasonable transmission connectors, resulting in undurable phenomena.

6. after-sales service

Is the manufacturer’s maintenance service response fast enough? Is the supply of spare parts timely? Is the product’s warranty year reached? These are all factors to be considered.



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