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The correct operation process steps of stone cutting machine

The stone cutting machine includes a frame, a main transmission mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a left and right moving mechanism and a saw blade. A high-frequency stress oscillating device is fixed between the front and rear lifting sliders and the spindle box, and the high-frequency stress oscillating device drives the saw blade to vibrate up and down. ; The rear connecting seat of the spindle box and the rear lifting slide plate connecting seat are connected by a hinge, so that the saw blade can swing left and right. When the saw blade cuts stone, it forms a composite crush of volume crushing and shear crushing that is larger than that of the diamond blade, which improves the quality of the stone. Cutting quality and cutting efficiency, reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of saw blades.

The correct operation process steps of stone cutting machine

1. The stone cutting machine must be safely and reliably fixed on the equipment foundation. Check the fixing conditions carefully before starting the machine to prevent the body from shaking or even falling and hurting people after starting the machine.

2. When performing sawing operations, no one is allowed to enter within 10 meters on both sides to prevent accidents caused by saw blades or flying stones.

3. The saw blade can be sawed only after it runs smoothly. It is strictly forbidden to start the saw blade when the saw blade is in contact with the stone, so as not to burn the motor or even break the saw blade and hurt people.

4. During the sawing process, if the wood block shakes, the cutting operation must be stopped immediately to prevent damage to the saw blade or even injury.

5. When sawing, no matter there is any abnormal situation, you must immediately press the “emergency stop” button to stop the machine for inspection.

6. When sawing, ensure that there is sufficient cooling water at the contact between the saw blade and the stone to prevent the saw blade from breaking due to excessive temperature.

7. Always check whether the grounding wires of the motor part and the electrical part of the stone saw machine are intact, and strictly prevent motor accidents and personnel electric shock accidents.



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