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The correct operation process of diamond wire saw

Diamond wire saw is a processing method in which the processed material is not conductive and needs to be cut by wire. It has been widely used to cut various metal and non-metal composite materials, such as ceramics, glass, rocks, gemstones, jade, meteorites, biological and bionic composite materials, etc. It is especially suitable for cutting various brittle crystals with high hardness, high value and friability. In order for the diamond wire saw to complete the cutting function, it must also be based on correct operation. The operation procedure of diamond wire saw is as follows:

First of all, novices must remember that different types of diamond wire saws cannot be used to connect a rope when operating, because this will cause vibration and collision of the rope, causing the rope to break. If all of the same type are connected together, but the old part is connected with the new one, the above-mentioned adverse consequences will also occur.

Before using the diamond wire saw, first check whether the motor, cable, etc. are normal, whether the protective grounding is good, whether the protection device is safe and effective, the selection of the saw blade must meet the requirements, and the installation is correct. In addition, after the official start, it should run without load, check whether the saw blade running direction is correct, whether the lifting mechanism is flexible, there is no abnormality or abnormal noise during operation, and the operation can be carried out only after everything is normal.

In addition, the operator is strictly forbidden to wear gloves during operation, and should use special tools to feed the material, and cannot directly push the material by hand. During the operation, when the workpiece has impact, jump or abnormal sound, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. After troubleshooting, you can continue working. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to check and repair all parts during operation. After each operation, clean the body of the wire saw machine, dry the saw blade, drain the remaining water in the water tank, retrieve the cable, and store it in a dry place.



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