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Factors Affecting Diamond Grinding Wheel Clogging

As a kind of grinding wheel made of superhard material, diamond grinding wheel is very popular in the grinding industry, but it will also cause clogging due to some factors during the grinding process, which will cause grinding difficulties.

1. The influence of diamond abrasive particle size.

When rough grinding the workpiece, it is more appropriate to choose a coarse grinding wheel, that is, a diamond grinding wheel with a relatively small abrasive grain density. Because the amount of cutting each time is relatively large, and the temperature during rough grinding is also relatively high, so the rough grinding wheel is selected relatively high;

It is advisable to choose a fine grinding wheel for fine grinding, because the cutting amount of fine grinding is relatively small, the temperature is not very high, and the air holes required for chip removal and heat dissipation are not very large, and the fine grinding wheel can ensure better precision.

2. The influence of the binder.

The definition of diamond grinding wheel hardness does not refer to the hardness of the abrasive grain material, but the overall hardness of the grinding wheel, specifically referring to the difficulty of the abrasive grains falling off. The harder the grit, the harder it is to come off, and vice versa. The stronger the bond between the abrasive grains, the harder the grinding wheel will be.

Therefore, the harder the diamond grinding wheel is, the more likely it is to clog due to the possibility of abrasive debris being generated during the grinding process. The stronger the grinding wheel, the more difficult it is to remove the abrasive debris, and the combination of the weaker grinding wheel can make the gap more flexible. So not easy to clog.

The above two points are the main factors affecting the clogging degree of the diamond grinding wheel during the working process. In view of the different workpieces we process and the materials of the workpieces, we have to consider many aspects to choose the grinding wheel that suits us, so as to avoid troubles in our work.



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