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Classification of diamond grinding wheels

Diamond grinding wheel is made of diamond abrasive, also known as alloy grinding wheel. Metal powder, resin powder, ceramics and electroplated metal are used as binders to make circular bonded abrasive tools with through holes. Diamond grinding wheel is a kind of grinding wheel. The difference from other grinding wheels is that the material contains diamond, which is recognized as the hardest substance in the world.

Diamond grinding wheel has become an ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and cemented carbide in grinding process. It not only has high efficiency and high precision, but also has good roughness, less abrasive consumption and long service life.

According to the binding agent can be divided into

Resin bond grinding wheel; vitrified bond grinding wheel; metal bond grinding wheel (bronze bond grinding wheel)

According to the production process can be divided into

Sintered diamond grinding wheel (resin bond grinding wheel; vitrified bond grinding wheel; metal bond grinding wheel) electroplated grinding wheel; brazed grinding wheel.

According to the grinding method can be divided into

Diamond grinding wheels; Grinding carbide grinding wheels (diamond knife grinding wheels); Grinding diamond composite grinding wheels; Centerless grinding wheels for centerless grinding machines; Grinding ceramic grinding wheels; .

by appearance or shape

Parallel grinding wheel; Cylindrical grinding wheel; Cup grinding wheel; Bowl grinding wheel; Tool grinding, furniture and bathroom drilling and cutting, glass polishing, stone cutting, ceramic grinding, hard material processing, etc.

Diamond grinding wheel is also a high-grade grinding tool, which can be made into various shapes and particle sizes according to customer requirements. It is the grinding tool selected by many industries.



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