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Quality requirements for diamond core drill bits

Quality requirements for diamond core drill bits:

① Good stability;

② Complete crystal form;

③ In addition to low-temperature manufacturing, the strength is also selected according to the manufacturing method.

④ When manufacturing drill bits at high temperature, since the magnetic strength of diamond drops sharply, magnetic separation should be carried out to remove magnetic diamond.

To manufacture high-quality diamond core drill bits, the following issues should be paid attention to:

Select high-quality diamond with appropriate particle size; determine reasonable diamond concentration; select a formula suitable for drilling objects; mix the powder evenly; select high-quality steel as drill steel; select stress molds; select reasonable sintering temperature and pressure; sufficient insulation time; good postprocessing etc.

In addition, in specific production, if some details are not handled properly, it will directly affect the quality of thin-walled diamond engineering drill bits.

The performance of a diamond core bit mainly depends on the drilling process, diamond parameters and the wear resistance of the bit matrix.



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