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How do you make a diamond segment

diamond segment are also called diamond agglomerates, serrations, etc., and are a diamond tool product often used in the sawing process.

diamond segment are generally not used alone. They can be welded to the saw blade base to form a diamond circular saw blade, or welded to the gang saw base to form a gang saw.

It can also be welded to metal iron discs, bowl mills, drill bits and other bases to form diamonds. Grinding discs, diamond bowl grinding, diamond drill bits and other products.

It can be said that in stone processing, most of the grinding, drilling and cutting processes are completed by diamond segment. Without segment, many processes cannot continue normally, so segment are the most important in the entire stone industry. Basic tools and materials.

The composition of the diamond segment is divided into three parts.These three parts are combined by physical high temperature and high pressure to form an industrial product with ultra-high hardness, taking into account the hardness of diamond, and effectively reducing the cost.

It can be said that the segment has fundamentally changed the problems of expensive stone and difficult processing. Therefore, the segment is also known as the driving engine of the modern stone processing industry. The importance of the segment is self-evident.

In the production process of diamond segment, there are many steps to go through. These steps can be summarized into three parts. Let’s briefly introduce these three parts:

In the preparation stage, the first step in the production of diamond segment is the process of material preparation.

Because diamond segment generally adopt different formulas for different stones, each formula has some differences in materials, so the ingredient is very important. Only with the right powder can the final product reach us. Expected effect.

Material preparation not only prepares various materials, but also involves the weight and volume of various materials.

In addition to material preparation in the preparation stage, if it is a customized product, a mold of the corresponding specification must be prepared.

The production stage, is mainly divided into the following steps:

1: Mixing, mixing the materials through machinery, fully mixing the diamond powder and the metal bond powder, and mixing them evenly.

2: Cold press to make the carcass shape and prepare it for sintering.

3: Hot pressing, which is the sintering process, puts the segment into the mold, performs high temperature and high pressure sintering, and finally shapes the segment.

4: Cooling and demolding, this is the last step of the entire segment production, generally by placing the abrasive tool on the steel plate at room temperature for cooling and demolding.

Post-processing stage

After the segment is finished, it needs to go through the process of removing burrs and trimming to make the segment look more beautiful. Some segments may even need to be sharpened to make the segment better in the later stage.



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