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How to avoid deformation of concrete diamond cutting blade

Concrete is composed of cement, sand, stone and water. When a certain amount of water is added to the cement, if the cement is wrapped according to the transparent crystal plan, it will form a whole, but the tensile strength of concrete is very low, usually only a little strength. Concrete is used with steel reinforcement.

But sometimes we often encounter concrete cracking when we are cutting concrete. Wanlong Diamond Tools will analyze it in detail for everyone.

At present, under the action of external forces and various environmental factors, the underlying mechanism of the deformation and cracking of the concrete cutting blade is developing. Deformation and possible technical measures to avoid concrete cracking are hoped to enable the company’s technicians in the factory to develop high-quality concrete, improve engineering efficiency, and ensure the safe use of concrete supply technology, but it is still difficult to avoid deformation and cracking.

Most concrete cutting blades will deform, shorten or stretch to different degrees under the action of different external forces and environmental factors, and even cracks. It can also be considered that deformation is actually a prelude to cracking and damage. Different types of data do not have the same effect. Shorten or stretch the same degree of activity or damage.

Under the action of external components, the metal data with obvious ductility is shortened or stretched, but to a large extent, cracks will not occur and no damage will be caused, which is attributed to the elastic data.

Most of its wall cutting saw blades are diamond cutting tools. With the continuous development of the construction industry, this cutting saw blade is also constantly developing. This kind of saw blade is very useful in life. They can cut floors, concrete walls, Brick walls and supporting beams (height must not exceed 500cm).

So how to avoid deformation of concrete diamond cutting blade?

1. First, cutting the saw blade needs to use water for cutting, because it can prevent the saw blade from deforming and his teeth are damaged.

2. The manufacturing process of the saw blade adopts the laser welding process, the teeth and the saw blade are firmly combined, and the teeth are not easy to lose.

3.It can be used to cut concrete walls and brick wall floors, as well as supporting beams (height must not exceed 500cm), etc.

4.The space-shaped serration can increase the cutting speed of the saw blade, and also can discharge the sewage, waste residue and other materials of the cutting.

5.In addition, there are many small round holes on the saw blade, which is also conducive to the discharge of sewage, waste residue, etc.

6.In addition, because the diamond material used in the saw blade has a hardness that is harder than that of a steel bar and a higher density than it, the steel bar is also cut quickly.

So in general, its cutting speed is also very fast, which saves us a lot of construction time and speeds up the progress of the project.



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