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diamond segment for granite stone

Granite is a very common stone in the stone industry. It is mined from mines and involves cutting. The granite stone is mined into blocks, then the blocks are cut into plates, and finally the plates are cut to complete the granite countertops and floors. , Processing of wall panels.

It is also possible to directly cut the blocks and process them into special-shaped products such as monuments or tombstones. The cutting process will use diamond segment products, and the bit used to cut these granites, we call it granite cutting segment.

granite cutting segment classification

granite cutting segments can be classified according to size:

The blade used for saw blades with a diameter greater than or equal to 900 mm, we call it a large blade, the saw blade with a diameter greater than 250mm, but less than 900mm, is called a medium-diameter saw blade, and a saw with a diameter of 230mm or less The slice cutter head, we call the small cutter head, also known as the small slice serration.

If the granite cutting segment is classified according to the structure:

It can be divided into a sandwich structure and a sandwich structure. The sandwich structure is a three-layer structure, with narrow cutter heads on both sides, and a wide middle layer; and the sandwich structure is also called a multi-layer cutter head, and its structure is a multi-layer working layer plus a non-working layer. The structural structure can be a singular structure such as 3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers, 9 layers, and 11 layers.

If it is classified according to the use of circulating water for granite cutting segments:

It can be divided into three categories, dry slicing blades, wet cutting blades, and dry and wet mixed cutting blades. The general size of dry cutting blades and dry and wet mixed cutting blades does not exceed 400mm, and most of the welding methods used are laser welding. Or cold-pressed sintering molding, high-frequency welding saw blades generally do not support dry cutting or mixed dry and wet cutting.

If it can be classified according to the usage scenario of the granite cutting segment:

It can be roughly divided into mining saw blades, single blade saw blades, combined saw blades, counter-breaking blades, horizontal cutting blades, edge trimming blades and grooving blades.

If classified according to the shape of the granite cutting segment:

It can be roughly divided into the following categories: M shape, flat shape, sector shape, K shape, turbine shape, continuous shape and so on.

Features of granite cutting segment

The granite cutting segment must have a strong hardness, otherwise in the process of cutting granite, the too soft cutter head will be directly knocked off or deformed, and the cutting effect will not be achieved.

And it is necessary for the carcass to have strong wear resistance.Because a large amount of debris will be generated during the cutting of granite, and because the granite itself has strong wear resistance, once the carcass is not wear-resistant, the cutter head will be quickly consumed. .

The granite cutting segment needs as many diamonds as possible. Since the diamond and granite are constantly being polished and consumed during the cutting process of granite, the more diamonds will cause the cutter head to keep out. The advantage of this is that the cutter head is always in Sharper situation.

The best working environment for granite cutting heads

During the cutting process of the granite cutting segment, cooling water is needed. The amount of water should not be too much, because too much water will cause the tool path to slip, and the cutting will be slippery. Of course, the amount of water should not be too small, and too little water will not be enough. The effect of cooling the cutter head affects the stability of the cutter head. Therefore, the amount of water is small, but adding coolant to the cooling water can reduce the amount of water, and the cutter head can cut quickly and stably, and at the same time, it can cool down well. , So it is especially important to choose the right amount of water and coolant.

In addition to the water problem, the use of machinery and saw blades is also particularly important.The use of new machines and the use of materials with good rigidity and good elasticity can further improve the cutting efficiency of the cutter head and also save production costs.



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