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How to choose the best China diamond cup grinding wheel for concrete

At present, in the construction industry, especially in the precision industry, the China diamond cup grinding wheel is becoming more and more important. Its characteristic is the efficiency improvement in the process.

The emergence of the China diamond cup grinding wheel has an important impact, which can determine the work efficiency and life of the grinding wheel in various scenarios.

Friends who will encounter some problems when choosing a grinding wheel. Especially some friends who often deal with, if you encounter this problem, please advise.

It is the time to choose the China diamond cup grinding wheel principle. Here are some brief instructions that can be followed.

1. When grinding very soft and tough materials, a soft grinding wheel should be used;

2. When grinding soft materials, such as spark steel and sandable forgings, the same material should be selected.

3. Grinding hard metals, strength metals, such as hard alloys, hardened nickel-chromium steels, and tungsten steels.

4. When sand is used, a softer grinding wheel should be selected.

5. The grinding wheel of automatic feeding should be softer than the grinding wheel of manual feeding, because it is easy to fall off when feeding manually.

6. The contact of surface grinding is very long, which will produce a lot of surface. In order to keep the sand grains sharp, a softer grinding wheel should be selected.

7. When the grinding is uneven, the surface grinding wheel should be broken;

8. When processing small workpieces, medium-hard and hard grinding wheels should be used.

9. As a result of the feed boxing along the grinding wheel, the working load of grit is crocodile, the faster the grit becomes dull, the lighter the soft grinding wheel.

10. For soft grinding, a softer grinding wheel should be selected;

11. Grinding fast grinding tools to prevent burns, softer wheels should be used for steel;

1. For rough grinding, choose 2 hard;

13. Reports when dry coolant should be added when sanding and transporting sand;

14. In weekend circular grinding, the smaller the difference between the contact processing of the grinding wheel and the longer the arc, the softer the grinding wheel;

15. The higher the speed of human behavior, the harder the grinding wheel should be.

The above are some principles that we should follow when choosing a grinding wheel. They are also a reference for us to choose a good grinding wheel, especially for the key issues in the construction industry.

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