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How to choose the best diamond cutting saw blade to cut marble

Marble is very common. It is a metamorphic or deposited carbonate rock. The structure is fine, solid, polishable, and has a wide variety of colors. It has beautiful natural colors and has low radiation.

Because it is not resistant to weathering and is less used outdoors, marble is usually used for interior decoration. Because marble is better-looking, its pattern is rich, and its color is soft, etc., after laying it, it will appear to be of higher grade, rich and gorgeous.

Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the processing of marble. The diamond cutting saw blade used for marble cutting requires much more than the granite saw blade. There should be no chipping or falling corners.

How to choose the best diamond cutting saw blade to cut marble: It is of great significance to improve work efficiency and reduce processing costs. The following factors are mainly considered when selecting:

1. Factors of processing object: According to different processing objects, choose different types of saw blades for stone, concrete, and ceramic tiles.

2. Saw blade size factor: refers to the size and type of the saw blade to be selected according to the specifications and quality requirements of the cutting material. For example, the diameter of the circular saw blade should generally be three times larger than the workpiece to be cut.

At the same time, the structure of the saw blade is selected according to the requirements of processing accuracy, that is, when the sawing surface is required to be smooth or when processing thin and fragile materials, narrow groove or continuous tooth saw blades should be selected. On the contrary, the sawing surface is not required or thicker. For the material, you can choose a wide groove saw blade.

3.Using equipment factors: wear-resistant saw blades can be used for higher equipment power to ensure its life, and sharp products for lower equipment power to ensure its efficiency.

It is better to choose wear-resistant saw blades for machines with deflection or poor precision, and for newer machines with good precision, sharp saw blades can be selected.



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