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The best diamond blade for cutting granite

Granite is a very popular kind of building decoration materials. It has high hardness and simpler maintenance.

Before granite is finished, it needs to go through many processes, among which cutting is an indispensable link. Then, The best diamond blade for cutting granite

Due to the greater density and hardness of granite, most customers do not have as many requirements for the cutting precision of granite blades as marble blades.

However, there are many varieties of granite, so choosing a good diamond blade can make the cutting of granite twice the result with half the effort.

Wanlong Diamond Tools: The best diamond blade for cutting granite

1. Observe whether the concentration and distribution of the exposed diamond particles on the granite saw blade are uniform:

In order to reduce the cost of the defective saw blade, the method of reducing the diamond content is used to reduce the cost.

The process is extremely poor, and the uneven mixing of the diamond particles causes the uneven force surface of the cutter head. After the buyer uses it, it not only does not move, but also consumes quickly.

2. Look at the color of the diamond segment:

The normal granite saw blade head should be silvery white with the natural color of iron.

3. Incision effect:

First of all, in the condition of selecting the right cut piece, refer to the data provided by the seller to cut it. The cut should be smooth and unimpeded, and the cut stone has no edges or corners.

4. The defective saw blade uses emery:

The difference between emery and diamond single crystal is the degree of wear resistance of abrasive grains, and diamond saw blades produced with emery are quite unused.



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