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The best stone diamond saw blade tool manufacturer

In order to meet the needs of industrial production, the diamond saw blades we use have been continuously developed and have many types. The best stone diamond saw blade tool manufacturer: We distinguish the types of diamond saw blades according to the shape of the diamond saw blade. Different types of diamond saw blades are suitable for different working occasions.

Because it can be easily classified according to the shape, there are mainly these types:

Blade type saw blade: because its serrations are broken.

Continuous blade saw blade: continuous serrated diamond cutting blade, generally made by sintering method, bronze bond is commonly used as the base material, water must be added during cutting to ensure the cutting effect, and the type of gap between the blade and the blade. The laser is used to cut the above three points. Diamond saw blades are classified by shape.

Turbine saw blade: because its saw teeth are turbine-shaped. Diamond saw blade is an indispensable tool for stone mining and processing. There are many factors that determine its efficiency and service life.

The best stone diamond saw blade tool manufacturer: choose diamond saw blades

We need to know that a suitable diamond saw blade can have a great impact on our work efficiency, so it is particularly important to choose a good diamond saw blade.

Depending on the number of diamond saw blade particles, in order to reduce the cost of inferior saw blades, the method of reducing the diamond content is used to reduce the cost.

Look at the color of the blade: the normal diamond blade should be silver-white, with the natural color of iron, and the inferior diamond saw blade contains more impurities, so it is dark.

Cutting feel: First of all, when the right cutting blade is selected, the cutting should be smooth (the wrong saw blade is selected, and the cutting speed is too fast, except for the situation that causes the saw blade to burn).

Inferior saw blades use emery: the difference between emery and diamond lies in the degree of wear resistance of abrasive grains, and diamond saw blades produced with emery are quite not durable.



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