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How to choose the best marble cutting machine?

Before marble becomes a finished product for sale, it needs to be processed through multiple processes, and the final product is the common finished product sold in our market.

Marble needs to go through a cutting process before it becomes a finished product. At this time, it is very important to choose a suitable cutting machine to cut marble.

Marble has low hardness and is easy to cut. Stone saw mining is the main method of marble mechanized mining.

At present, there are various mining systems for the mechanized mining of marble blocks, each of which is basically related to diamond beaded wire saws. E.g:

Full saw marble mining system with diamond bead saw as the main mining equipment, mainly used in open pit marble mines;

The diamond bead saw and arm saw combination is a mining system for marble mining, which can be used in surface and submerged surface mining marble mines, equipped with a special arm for cave-type marble mining saws;

Combination mining system of diamond bead saw and mobile mining stone cutting machine (disc saw stone cutting machine) can be used for open pit marble mining.

To sum up, according to different situations, choosing the corresponding marble cutting machine can get twice the result with half the effort.



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