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How to cut granite blocks and marble slabs

Granite and marble are common building decoration materials, which are widely used in building interior and exterior decoration.

And before they become decorative materials, they need to go through multiple processing procedures, among which cutting procedures are indispensable? So, how to cut granite blocks and marble slabs?

Since the materials and characteristics of granite and marble are different, different saw blades need to be selected when cutting.

Like marble, the precision and density are higher, and the stone is precious and weak, and it is easy to collapse and cut.

Therefore, choosing the right cutting blade can make cutting easier.

So, how to cut granite blocks and marble slabs

1. The standard and correct operation of the cutting machine, the saw blade in the cutting process, there is a certain risk, so you need to operate correctly according to the instructions.

The saw blades produced and developed by Wanlong Diamond Tools, including Red Ring Thunder, Yellow Hurricane, White Saw Yi, etc., are in line with human functional planning and safer to use.

2. Check the saw blade when using it. Do not use the saw blade with cracks, missing teeth, blunt teeth, or uneven teeth.

3.After the machine is turned on, it can work for 2-3 minutes first. If it works normally, then start to use it, and whether it is a test machine or normal use, the saw blade should not be pointed directly at people when it is working.



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