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How to distinguish granite saw blades and marble saw blades

Both granite saw blades and marble saw blades are a kind of diamond saw blades, but there are big differences in performance and application range. Now we will introduce the difference between granite saw blade and marble saw blade.

Granite and marble are both popular stones and are widely used in the construction industry. However, the difference between granite and marble can still be clearly distinguished.

For example, in terms of patterns, the granite lines are spotted, and the marble lines are colorful and particularly beautiful.

Regarding the hardness of the rock, marble is soft stone and granite is medium hard stone. Regarding hardness, granite is slightly better.

In terms of rock types, marble is metamorphic rock, and granite is igneous rock. In addition, marble has many colors and bright colors, but granite is mostly gray or white.

Marble is metamorphic or accumulated carbonate rock. The structure is compact, strong, can be polished, various colors, natural color and beautiful, and low radiation. Because it is not resistant to weathering, it is less used outdoors, and marble saw blades are generally used indoors. Installation.

Marble has the advantages of beautiful appearance, rich patterns, soft colors, etc., after laying it, it will rise to a higher level and be magnificent. Therefore, the requirements for marble processing are higher, and the cutting requirements for marble saw blades are higher than that of granite saw blades. Much more. Can not show the phenomenon of edge collapse and corner drop.

Granite has high hardness and is easy to repair. But it gives people a cool feeling and is generally used on the walls of outdoors, in the air and in public areas. Therefore, many customers have lower cutting accuracy requirements for granite saw blades than marble saw blades.



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