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What is a diamond tip blade

Diamond Tip Blade, also called diamond saw blades, are a common cutting tool, mainly used in stone cutting, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials.

1. Continuous blade saw blade: Continuous saw tooth diamond saw blade is generally made by sintering method. Bronze bonds are usually used as the basic matrix material. Water must be added during cutting to ensure the cutting effect. The gap type of the cutter head can be laser cutting.

2. Knife-head saw blade: the saw tooth is broken, the cutting speed is fast, and it is suitable for dry and wet cutting methods.

3. Turbine saw blade: Combining the advantages of the previous 1 and 2, the saw teeth continuously present uniform turbulent convexity, which improves the cutting speed and increases the service life.

The Diamond Tip Blade is mainly composed of a base and a cutter head.

The base is the main supporting part of the welding tool head.

The cutter head is the part that is cut during use. The cutter head will continue to be consumed during use, while the matrix will not. The blade can cut because it contains diamonds. The hardest substance, it rubs and cuts the workpiece in the cutter head, while the diamond particles are wrapped in the metal inside the cutter head.



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  1. Thanks for explaining these cutting tips to me. I’ve always wondered what tools are used for this type of cutting. It’s interesting that they’re often made with the sintering method.

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