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How to maintain marble stone

Marble stone is an exquisite home decoration stone, often used for laying floors and decorating furniture. It is caused by the reaction of limestone with other natural elements, turning it into a relatively medium-hard stone with varying colors and textures.

However, marble is also prone to staining, weathering, and darkening, so if you want your marble to look new for a long time, you need to learn how to protect it.

1. Prevent scratches

Avoid scratching and do not place anything sharp on the marble. If your home has marble floors, place good mats on the legs of tables and chairs and place mats on marble kitchen counters to prevent glassware and appliances from scratching the countertops.

2. Clean frequently

Clean it frequently. Marble stone is easily stained, especially if liquid drips and is not wiped for a long time. Therefore, once orange juice, coffee, etc. drip onto marble, it must be wiped dry immediately.

Other easily stained items, such as cumin, curry powder, coffee grounds, green leafy vegetables, etc., should also be removed immediately if they stain the marble.

3. Wipe

Wipe the marble stone with a damp cloth. Dust and stains on marble countertops or floors can be wiped away with a soft cloth dampened with a little warm water.

But don’t scrape hard when wiping, otherwise it will scratch the marble. Generally, wipe the marble surface with a damp cloth, and then rub it in circular motions with a little force on the stained area.


Use a natural, mild cleaner or a marble-specific cleaner for a deep clean. If there is a layer of dust or other stains on your marble countertops or floors, pour a little mild dish soap in warm water, then dip a soft cloth in it and wipe it away.

Never use vinegar to clean marble. While vinegar is a great natural cleaner, since it is acidic, it can corrode marble if used on it.

If it is light-colored marble, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean it, and the effect is very good.

5. Polishing

Use soft leather to polish marble stone. The texture of soft leather is very soft and can be used to dry out water and polish. Of course, rubbing with a soft leather is still the best polishing method.

If you buy a polishing cloth from a store, make sure it’s specifically made for marble and not granite or other stones, as marble can be susceptible to certain chemicals due to its unique properties.



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