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Reasons why the stone polishing machine vibrates during operation

Hydraulic shocks, unbalanced forces during rotation, changes in frictional resistance and inertial forces are all sources of different forms of vibration. In hydraulic drive equipment, vibration is often accompanied by noise.

Vibration and noise in the hydraulic system of stone polishing machines often occur in hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders and various control valves. Sometimes it is also manifested in the resonance of pumps, valves and pipelines.

The reasons why stone polishing machine systems produce noise and noise are as follows:

(1) Hydraulic pump suction leakage

The main reasons are: a. The hydraulic pump oil inlet leaks and the oil suction pipe is too long; b. The pipe diameter is too small; C. The oil suction surface of the oil pipe is too low or the hydraulic pump suction port is too high; d. The oil filter is deformed or the flow area is small; e. The fuel tank is sealed; F. The oil viscosity is too high.

(2) Hydraulic pump failure

The tooth shape accuracy of the gear pump is low; the axial clearance wear of the hydraulic pump increases, resulting in insufficient oil supply or the hydraulic pump speed is too high, leading to hydraulic pump failure.

(3) Relief valve failure

Sludge blocks the damping hole of the relief valve, and the spring is deformed, stuck or damaged; the valve seat is damaged and the fitting clearance is inappropriate, which are all causes of the failure of the relief valve.

(4) Mechanical vibration

The vibration of the stone polishing machine is caused by the collision of the oil pipes with each other or with the supporting wall, vibration of the oil pipe, non-concentric installation of the hydraulic pump and motor, vibration of the relief valve, etc.



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