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Manual polishing machine motor failure description

The motor is the driving force of the manual polishing machine and plays a decisive role in mechanical production. So what is the reason for the failure of the manual polishing machine motor, and how to solve it?

The main motor does not start or the no-load load is too large after starting.

The main reasons for such failures in manual polishing machines include: poor contact or damage to the fuse in the main motor control circuit; grounding of the motor stator and rotor windings, and damaged bearings; damage to the main motor or failure of the purchased main motor to pass the no-load inspection.

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It is recommended to take the following solutions: retighten or replace the fuse; first run without load, observe whether the motor is working normally, and then check whether the stator and rotor windings are grounded; replace the motor bearing; replace the unqualified motor.



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