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Analysis on the Problem of Poor Saw Blade Stability

If the stability of the saw blade is poor, it will lead to chipping, cracking and other phenomena. So what is the reason for this problem?

If the saw body is too thin, it will affect the stability because it will save material loss when cutting the workpiece. In fact, if the carbide saw blade is too thin and the overall hardness is not enough, it will affect the stability during cutting. The solution is to reduce the diameter of the carbide saw blade, which can also improve stability, and the diameter of the flange can also be increased.

If you saw too little material, the teeth will not cool as much as they should, resulting in loss of tension and instability. The solution is to increase the amount of saw material appropriately.

It is also possible that the cleaning work is not done well, such as debris on the saw teeth, saw body, flange clamping, etc., which will affect the performance of the diamond saw blade.



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