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Precautions when using small diameter saw blade

1. Operators should wear relevant protective equipment before operation: such as safety shoes, safety glasses, hard hats, ear protectors, etc.

2. The cutting machine should have a protective cover or other safety devices.

3. Check whether the small diameter saw blade is damaged or severely deformed before use. If damaged, use is strictly prohibited.

4. Check whether there is dirt on the cutting machine chuck. If there is dirt, please clean it before installation. Check whether the spindle bearings or spindle and bushings are severely worn. If the wear is severe, replace the bushing or device with a new one.

5. When installing the saw blade, the direction marked on the saw blade must be consistent with the rotation direction of the cutting machine. Inconsistency in direction can easily lead to mobility issues.

6. If the saw blade is used for wet cutting, please add enough cooling water.

7. If a dry cutting saw blade is used, it must be idle for a few seconds every 10 to 15 seconds to cool the saw blade. For larger cutting depths, the cut should be made in sections. Add water to the dry saw blade to cool it while cutting. The effect will be better.

8. Curve cutting and side grinding are not allowed during the cutting process. Curved cuts and side grinding can easily cause saw blades to crack, chips to fall off, or the base to break.

9. If cutting at an angle, the cutting depth should not be too large. Be sure to pay attention to safety during cutting and try not to let your body and the saw blade be on the same plane. If you hear abnormal sounds during cutting, stop cutting immediately and check whether the small diameter saw blade is damaged and whether the saw blade fixing screw is loose.

10. If the saw blade is clogged during use, the saw blade will become dull. Please resharpen the knife with a ceramic grinding wheel or refractory brick.

11. When encountering noise or severe vibration during cutting, stop immediately and check the small diameter saw blade for cracks or falling off. When cracks or peeling occur, replace with new ones.

12. When cutting, if the saw blade head exceeds the cutting material by more than 2 mm, the edge of the material being cut can be reduced.

13. If the hole diameter of the saw blade does not match the cutting machine spindle, use a washer of appropriate size. But during the cutting process, pay attention to whether the saw blade vibrates. If so, check to see if the gasket has come off. If you continue to use the washer after it falls off, it will easily cause the saw blade to vibrate during cutting, eventually causing the saw blade to become out of round and unable to continue to be used. Out-of-roundness means that one side of the saw blade has more wear and one side has less wear. The difference in wear between high and low blades can be seen from the appearance.



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