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What are the methods for marble sealing

During the installation process of marble, it is necessary to ensure that the surface has a true natural color and no pollution, and certain waterproof measures must be taken. Currently, there are three methods for marble sealing.

1. No sealant is added to the gaps. Air convection is formed on the back of the marble, which discharges water vapor to the outside, preventing temperature differences from forming on the marble surface, and condensation water will not appear on the marble surface.

2. Semi-seam sealing type, which can maintain the appearance of the facade without sealant. The facade has a good three-dimensional effect. In fact, the glue layer is hidden inside the node, but the thickness of the sealant must be guaranteed to be about 6mm. But it cannot exceed the width, and its width should be calculated and determined based on the quality of the glue.

3. Use neutral sealing silicone glue, which is a special glue for marble, to seal all joints on the facade. Rainwater on the facade cannot penetrate the back of the marble, keeping the marble dry. Ensure that the bending and shear strength of marble remains unchanged. Necessary measures need to be taken to ensure that the marble does not freeze or become alkalized and to ensure the durability of the project.



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