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How to maintain the metal cutting blade when it is in use?

Metal cutting blade is a kind of blade for cutting metal. It has good cutting ability on metal. We all know that metal is a kind of material that is difficult to cut, so with metal cutting blade, it is more and more widely used in the metal cutting industry. The metal cutting blade and the metal cutting machine are integrated, it is a part of the metal cutting machine, and it is an important part, because it is in direct contact with the metal material to be cut.

We all know that metal is difficult to cut, so in our daily life, what we need to do is to maintain the metal cutting machine, and the metal cutting blade is the place that needs to be maintained. Let’s talk about how to maintain it.

Maintenance of metal cutting blades:

1. After the cutting blade is used for a period of time, especially the metal is cut, so its sharpness will decrease, and the cutting surface will become rough, so we need to repair the metal cutting blade in time

2. When the cutting piece is not processed, what we need to do is to hang it with the aperture, or directly lay it flat on the plane. Note that the place must be open, and the place where the aperture is placed to hang it should not be too large. There should be a cool and dry place where a lot of things are piled up.

3. The correction of the inner diameter of the cutting piece and the processing of the positioning hole must be operated by the manufacturer. If the operation is not performed properly during processing, it will not only affect the use effect of the metal cutting piece, but also may be dangerous, so be careful when using it. .In principle, the reaming should not exceed the original diameter of 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress.



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