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How to replace the saw blade of a stone cutting machine

Stone is a common building material, which is often used for indoor and outdoor installation. Its decoration is to enhance the beauty of the building.

When the stone becomes a building material, it needs to be cut with a stone cutting machine. However, we must pay great attention when replacing the saw blade of the cutting machine.

Here is an introduction to the saw blade steps of the stone cutting machine

1. Remove the saw blade, the cutting machine itself is marked with the direction of rotation of the saw blade.

The thread of the compression nut used to secure the saw blade is opposite to the direction of rotation of the saw blade, which makes the bolt tend to tighten as it rotates.

When replacing the saw blade, first fix the saw blade with a wrench, and then follow the direction indicated by the arrow of the stone cutting machine itself, and turn the nut on it to remove the saw blade.

2.When disassembling parts, mark and record the parts in accordance with the disassembly sequence.

3. Replace the saw blade with a new one.

4.Replace each part in the reverse order and mark of the disassembled parts.

5.Tighten the fixing nut.

6. During the trial run, check whether the saw blade rotates smoothly. That is, the saw blade replacement work is completed.




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