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Introduction of diamond wire saw cutting process

In recent years, diamond wire saws have been widely used to dismantle the walls of buildings or structures such as vents, bridges, docks, chimneys, and water towers. The diamond wire saw is used as cutting equipment in reinforced concrete demolition projects. The construction section is neat, the labor intensity is reduced, the operation is safer and more reliable, the cutting ability and labor productivity are improved, and the stability and safety of the construction are improved. The existing structure was preserved.

1. Cutting principle and equipment performance of diamond wire saw

The diamond wire saw mainly plays the role of sawing and is also a kind of “saw”. The diamond wire saw consists of two parts: the driving wheel of the wire saw machine, the driven wheel, the rope take-up mechanism and the wire rope chain with diamond “beads”. The cutting principle is that the diamond rope moves around the cutting surface at a high speed under the drive of the hydraulic motor, grinds the cutting body, and completes the cutting work.

Hard objects such as stone and reinforced concrete can be cut due to the use of diamond “beads” as abrasive materials. During the cutting process, the diamond wire running at high speed is cooled by water and the fragments are carried away. During the cutting process, the high-pressure oil pipe is used for remote control, the operation is safe and convenient, the vibration and noise are small, and the cutting objects are separated almost undisturbed.

2. Construction process

1: Determine the position of the cutting segment

On-site stakeout according to construction drawings, plan cutting unit, cutting line and section position.

2: Drill hoisting holes and pass rope holes

According to the hoisting position and cutting line, drill the hoisting hole and the through rope hole with a diamond rhinestone respectively.

3: Install fixed guide wheel and stone mechanical wire saw equipment

Use chemical bolts to fix the main tripod and auxiliary tripod of the stone mechanical wire saw.

4: Install the diamond rope

According to the determined cutting section, the diamond rope is wound on the driving pulley and the auxiliary pulley in a certain order, and passes through the rope hole.

5: Wear a hoisting rope

Make sure that the removed concrete can be lifted safely.

6: Link related operating systems and install safety fences

According to the site conditions, connect water, electricity and mechanical equipment and other related pipelines and safety protection equipment.

7: Cutting

Activate the start button, adjust the lifting tension of the driving wheel, ensure that the diamond rope is properly tensioned, supply cooling water, and then start the driving wheel to drive the diamond rope to rotate and cut.



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