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Daily maintenance of cutting wire saw equipment

Cutting wire saws greatly reduce the wastage cost of construction equipment. In addition, static cutting like wall saw cutting is also gradually becoming an architectural design concept as it can maintain the stability and stability of the existing structure to a certain extent. Wire saw equipment is mainly used for bridges, bridge decks, piers, construction site walls, beams and columns, tunnels and underwater reinforced concrete.

So be sure to pay attention to the usual maintenance. Let’s see how to do this:

1. Always check the cable during use. If damaged, it must be wrapped or replaced immediately to prevent leakage. Check whether the heat dissipation cover of the main motor is smooth before starting the machine every day. If there is any blockage, it must be removed immediately so as not to affect the heat dissipation of the main motor. .

When carrying out the horizontal plane sawing operation, attention should be paid to the waterproof of the heat dissipation port of the main motor to prevent the cooling water from entering the main motor through the heat dissipation port and causing a short circuit. Regularly clean up the moisture and dust on the electric control box, the body and the operating table, and keep the equipment clean.

If not used for a long time, it should be dried before reuse. After each sawing operation, the dirt on the equipment should be cleaned in time. Equipment should be cleaned weekly to prevent dirt from rusting the equipment. Be careful when moving the console and do not pull the cables forcibly. The operating table should be placed in a rain-proof place. The above are some of the matters needing attention in the daily maintenance of cutting wire saw equipment.

Cutting wire saw equipment can achieve various cuts of thick concrete. Generally used for static shear demolition of bridges, piers, wharf platforms, and underwater concrete piles to ensure that the original structure is not damaged.

2. Before construction, each operator should be given environmental protection and environmental sanitation education and training, and records should be kept. The utility model is characterized in that: each tensioning wheel evenly forms two rope grooves; each tensioning wheel is placed on the same plane; and a plurality of tension adjusting units are arranged in parallel to form a row of tension adjusting units. Then, when choosing a wire saw machine, in addition to performance can not be ignored, economic performance, consumption and other issues can not be ignored.

If the equipment consumes a lot of energy and has poor economic performance, such equipment may not be able to bring us good use effects and performance guarantees when in use. So when buying, don’t just look at the appearance of the equipment, the key is to consider the internal performance and equipment guarantee is the most important issue we need to pay attention to.



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  1. steve smith

    It’s interesting when you said that construction equipment costs could be reduced by having a wire sawing process. My brother told me yesterday that he was planning to have a consultation with a concrete coring company that could offer a brick wall-cutting project to create openings for the other side of their clothing company’s workplace. He asked if I had thoughts on the best option to consider. I value this enlightening article, I’ll tell him he can consult a well-known concrete coring company as they can provide information about their services.

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