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Machine Cut Stones Prices in Kenya

In recent years, Kenya’s stone industry has developed rapidly. The demand for stone cutting machines is also increasing in areas such as eldoret, nakuru, machakos, thika and kisumu. So how much does a machine cut stones cost in Kenya? how to buy?

1. When the stone processing factory formulates the sawing process according to the stone material and plate specifications, it should fully consider the accuracy of the equipment used, the quality of the diamond segment, the accuracy of the saw blade substrate and the degree of re-welding, combined with the difficulty of cutting the stone. Take comprehensive consideration.

2. In the selection of equipment, each stone factory should pay attention to the selection of stone materials and common plate specifications, and carry out high, medium and low-grade equipment according to their own economic strength and plate quality requirements. In order to facilitate the normal operation of future production and reasonably ensure product quality, etc.

3. When purchasing, it is best to choose a manufacturer with good reputation, brand and good after-sales service. Manufacturers like this have a good reputation in the industry and good after-sales service, which also means that more people use or buy, and the quality is more guaranteed.

To sum up: when choosing a machine cut stones, you can’t just look at price, quality, reputation, after-sales and the stone products you cut yourself must be combined in order to choose the stone cutting machine that is most suitable for your actual situation.



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