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Preparations before using the stone cutting machine

A stone cutting machine is a very common machine for cutting stone mines. Before you start cutting, there are a few things you need to prepare. Next, I will introduce the preparation before use.

1. Before starting the machine, check the transmission parts in detail, and do a good job of lubricating each part. Many parts need to add mechanical lubricant;

2. After the inspection and maintenance is completed, first wear it and start the test run, check the mechanical rotation state, and pay attention to the movement of the cutting tool;

3. Check the fixation of the workpiece to ensure that it can be firmly fixed during the cutting process to ensure cutting safety;

4. Check the state of the cooling water to ensure the cooling of the cutting blade;

5. In the normal cutting process, the progress of the cutter should not be too fast, otherwise the rapid feed will damage the blade and the machine;

6. Pay attention to whether the flow of cooling water is sufficient at any time, so as to avoid insufficient cooling water and increase the wear or blockage of the blade of the stone cutting machine;

7. During the cutting process, it is found that the host has abnormal noise, and the tool should be withdrawn immediately and stopped for inspection.



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