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Prevent quarry cutting machine lubricant oil from condensation in winter

In winter, when the weather turns cooler, quarry cutting machine lubricating oil tends to thicken, weaken in fluidity, and even solidify due to low temperatures. Once the lubricating oil solidifies, the lubricating effect of the lubricating oil will be reduced, thereby accelerating the wear of the quarry cutting machine. Therefore, it is crucial for us to ensure the smooth flow of lubricants in winter.

1. Reasonable selection of lubricants

In different seasons, we need to choose lubricants with different coefficients. After entering winter, lubricants with the “W” mark should be used, that is, winter lubricants. Multi-grade oils with good viscosity-temperature characteristics and high viscosity index should be used as much as possible. The lower the outside temperature, the smaller the grade of engine oil selected. The smaller the grade of lubricating oil, the better the fluidity and the lower the viscosity.

2. Ensure the quality and quantity of antifreeze, so that after winter, the antifreeze will not freeze under certain temperature conditions and play an antifreeze role. This prevents the lubricant from condensing.

3. When we store lubricating oil, we should try to store it in a place with a higher temperature and ensure that the temperature does not change too much during the storage process.

4. Clean the lubrication system correctly

5. The lubrication system of the stone cutting machine must be properly cleaned in winter to ensure that there are no insoluble particles, oil oxidation degradation products and moisture in the lubrication tube to protect the lubricating oil and extend the service life of the lubricating oil. Oil.

6. When we use the quarry cutting machine in winter, we can preheat the mining machinery for a period of time to melt the lubricating oil inside the machine and make the fluidity of the lubricating oil meet the usage standards.



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